Our incomparable cellar crew after a long day of crushing and sorting grapes
Oct 26 2019

Harvest Update

Above: Avennia's cellar crew, with sticky hands and tired feet, but still smiling! 

As of Friday, October 25th, all of our fruit from the 2019 vintage has been harvested and crushed. "All in!" as Winemaker Chris Peterson says. According to him, the quality seems to be quite good, with moderate yields and great acidity.

It's been an unusual harvest this year with weather cooling down in early September, keeping the sugar levels lower. But when the weather unexpectedly turned very cold the second week of October, it was time to bring in the last 40% of grapes as quickly as possible, which made for some long and exhausting days in the cellar. Not to mention, space in our production facility is now at maximum capacity. After the last crush day, we have an incredible 90 tons of fruit in various stages of fermentation!

Totals for our 2019 vintage:
Avennia brand - 94 tons
Liminal brand - 33 tons

For the next weeks, we'll be focused on pressing and barreling down wine as it completes its initial fermentation. Then we'll find room for just over 300 barrels.

But first, it's time for champagne!

Below: Scroll through the images to have a peek in our cellar.

The crush line and our incomparable cellar crew Cleaning equipment after a long crush day The wine pump Filling the new concrete tanks Macerating rosé wine