Mar 8 2021

All Things Avennia: Library Tasting of '13 Sestina & '13 Valery

Watch a recording of the session here.

Unanswered Question

1)    How long can a bottle of wine last after using a Coravin to pour a glass from it?

The Coravin website suggests that a bottle that has been Coravined can last up to 3 years… There are different models of the Coravin that cost anywhere from $200 to $800. Check out the website here.


Fact Check 

1)    I mentioned the Drink Hold Chart that is on our website and said that about 95% of our wines could still age a bit.

The chart was made in August of 2018 so things have changed a little bit since then, but according to the chart, there was only one wine out of the 37 on there, that couldn’t last a little longer in bottle, the 2011 Oliane Sauvignon Blanc. That meant that 97.3% of the other wines could still age a bit. If you want to check it out, click here.

2)    I got the whole March schedule of All Things Avennia topics jumbled when I mentioned them at the end of the discussion…

Here’s the real schedule.

Next up… March 11th: WA Wine Pioneers

Then… March 18th: Yakima Valley AVA

Lastly… March 25th: WA Music Pairings with Chris. (Not the 18th…)